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My mom, Ileah and I did a little shopping for Mother’s Day- I had heard about this great promotion where Pearl District boutiques were giving away flowers- you could go from boutique to boutique collecting flowers and browsing. It turned out to be a beautiful day…wandering the sunny Portland streets, checking out cute boutiques.

We were incredibly surprised at how many really reasonable prices there were, even in the sharply edited little local designer boutiques where I never expect to be able to afford ANYTHING.

And, as a bonus, my favorite recycled jewelry/accessories store, Redux, was having a sidewalk sale so I was able to pick up these perfect earrings for the wedding:


I love that they are peacock eye feathers, but they’re a bit assymetrical and unusual.

We had further luck when my sister and I both found perfect gladiator sandals with peacock colored beading at Shoefly:

gladiator sandals

Housemate (and groomsman) Jaime’s first reaction to them? “They’re fabulous but…black shoes? For a wedding?” I had to assure him that I was accenting the white dress with black and teal so that it would all work out just fine. Strangely, I’m relieved to know that he’s looking out for my sartorial interests…

My sister also picked up a really cute hat at Bonnet that was a little bit flapper, a little bit boho, and just perfect on her.

Afterwards we camped out at The Camellia Lounge for lunch and rehydration and just kept exclaiming over what a gorgeous and perfect day it was.