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As the wedding weekend approaches, you may be asking yourself, “Gee, all these fun people are gathering this weekend for Morgan and Trisha’s wedding. I wonder what fun things they will be doing that I also could do.”

Well, here’s the plan of events and activities, along with who’s invited to join us at the various things. We can’t wait to see you!

Friday Day

dahlia_orange1:00 pm Ladies of the wedding party, out of town guests (and anyone who has the day off) are invited to join us for a trip to the Sauvie Island Farms to pick flowers for bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres plus fresh raspberries to go with the cheese course. We’ll meet at our house at 1 pm and head out from there. If you haven’t been to Sauvie to pick your own produce, I highly recommend it. The drive is GORGEOUS and Friday will be perfect weather for it (sunny, not too hot). Here’s the map to the farm.

Friday Night

Morgan and Kira’s Birthday. Celebrations to be decided, most likely happening out at Horning’s Hideout. Everyone’s invited. Check the blog Thursday for details.

Saturday Day

disc golf 1All: Disc golf at Horning’s Hideout. Come join us for their 18 hole disc golf course. OR head in to the Willamette Valley for wine tastings in Newberg, Forest Grove and etc.

Food Committee: Cooking and prepping wedding food.

Decoration Committee: Make bouquets and boutonnieres. Collect ferns and peacock feathers.

5:00 pm Wedding Rehearsal at Horning’s Hideout. Invited: The wedding party and parents of the bride and groom. We’ll test run the ceremony, test the sound cues, freak out, melt down, then end up with tape in our hair and even less idea than when we started how its all going to turn out. You know, a rehearsal.

6:30 pm Rehearsal Dinner at Horning’s Hideout. Invited: The wedding party and all out of town guests. Morgan’s dad Jim is preparing Short Ribs and other deliciousness for our rehearsal dinner under the picnic structure at Horning’s. YUM.

may17eventflyer19:00 pm Cheesy Wedding Music Dance Party out at Horning’s. You know all that stuff you always have to dance to at weddings? YMCA? Lady in Red? The entire pop catalog from 1984? Black Eyed Peas? Yeah we’re going to dance our little booties off to all that stuff the day before the wedding (get it out of our system!). Who’s invited: EVERYBODY

You are also cordially invited to camp out with us at Horning’s (less driving for the wedding day, right?!?) It costs $4 a person to camp. Bring your camp gear and your wedding clothes.

Note for the girls: We will have a “ladies lounge” set up out there where you can dress/prep in privacy and comfort, with mirrors, beauty essentials, and warm water for washing. Just ’cause we’re in the woods don’t mean you can’t look all pretty y’all.

Sunday Morning

Decoration Committee: Get the wedding site prepped, lit, and decorated. 20 boxes of dishes. 16 strings of twinkly lights with vietnamese fairy balls. 10 tables, table clothes, table runners. A dozen chinese lanterns… you get the drift.

Food Committee: Finish the wedding food, transport it to the wedding site, get it into the chiller/warmer. Set up prep tent.

Saturday Afternoon

3:00 pm Wedding party gets cleaned up and dressed for the wedding.
Showers. Champagne. Nerves. Chakra realignment. You know. The usual.

4:45 pm You all start to arrive out at Horning’s. There’s plenty of parking, but the last bit of road is SUPER downhill and curvy. Leave early and take your time.

deer5:00 pm You are in your places with bright shining faces. Trisha rides in on a deer. Magic ensues. Some people cry. Some people laugh. Some people squirm in their seats and wait for the mushy stuff to be over.

5:30 pm Cocktail Hour.

Lemongrass Ginger Cocktail
Pomegranate Lime Gin Fizz,
Classic Champagne Cocktail

Fresh Tortilla Chips with Mango Jicama Salsa
Pear, Tangerine, and Blue Raspberry Jellybellies

6:30 pm Dinner

First Course

Quartet of Soup Shots from Briana and Troy
roasted pepper and tomato with cumin, coriander and smoked paprika
beet with horseradish, dill and crème fraiche
carrot and orange lentil with indian spices
vichyssoise with watercress

Ken’s Artisan Bread

Honey Thyme Compound Butter

Second Course

Ahi Mango Avocado Stacks
Arugula Salad with Grilled Pears, Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts
Wild Rice Salad with Almonds, Scallions and Craisins

Third Course

Traditional Hawaiian whole Kalua Pig
Bacon-wrapped Chicken Breasts with Cippolini Onion Marmalade
Hawaiian Baked Butterfish
Roasted Sweet and Savory Potatoes
Grilled Seasonal Veggies

Fourth Course

Cheese Course “Wedding Cake” with Morbier, Cablanca and Cambozola
Fresh Sauvie Island Raspberries
Trio of Mini Cupcakes from PastryGirl:
Marionberry Sage
Cardamom Spice

8:30 pm-ish Dancing with Tapwater under the Stars

Midnight: Wait, who are you again???


front of bus

All aboard, the GrooveBomb is a comin’!

You are hereby and officially cordially invited to join us
on Friday, June 19th
for a mobile GrooveBomb of a Bachelor/Bachelorette party!

The GrooveBomb is a tricked out vintage bus that transforms into a double decker art car when at Burning Man.

For our purposes though, it will be both limousine and party central for our roaming Portland evening of fun and frolic…with YOU.

Never fear though- in the city, it is street safe, playa dust free and chock-a-block full of sparkly silver naugahyde bench seats for your bus riding pleasure.

groovebomb disco ball

Did I mention that this is a full on party bus with sound system and a built in bar? Yep. Yes, sir it is. that’s the built in disco ball up there.

So. Here’s the deal:

We’ll have two pick up spots- one in NE and one in SE.
The SE pickup will be at our house (3930 SE 28th Pl).
The NE pickup spot is TBA, but probably in the Alberta street area.

We’ll have a pick up at 8 pm- ish and a pick up at 11 pm-ish at each location. We’ll have a final drop off around 2 am (or whenever we all get tired). Pick your time to join us, pick your spot, park your car, hide your keys and prepare to have a wild time.

Cost is $20 per partier (which cost goes to the driver for his time and gas, with leftover contributing to a very worthy cause- the Mobile GrooveBomb’s 2009 trip to the Burn). Its a pretty good deal compared to cab costs either way. Bring a bottle to share if you like, some dolla bills for the girlz, and your best karaoke number should the evening that way tend…

Our goal is to roam the wild streets of Portland, mixing it up between bars, strip clubs and karaoke joints. Andy, our GrooveBomb host, has the hookup at some places where we can get cover charges waived, which would be most excellent, to quote a icon of our childhoods.

And if we end up someplace that’s not your cup of tea? Just stay on the bus and keep the party going!

The bus holds 25 ish at a time, so let us know in the comments if you plan to join us and whether you think you’ll join us for the early pick up, the late pick up or both so we can make sure we’ll be able to fit everyone.

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to spend (one of) our last nights as single people on the GrooveBomb with you!


This is a picture of our favorite art car, the Groovebomb, out on the playa, and it happens to make its home right here in Portland. Know what’s even more amazing?

You can rent it. And have them drive you around Portland for the night.

So Morg and I are going to make it party central for a combined Bachelor/ette party, probably the Saturday a week before the wedding (we’ll need time to recover afterward).

We’re going to divide it into two camps- Guys and Girls- and we’ll make periodic stops at some of our favorite watering holes (though the bomb comes with a doorman and a bartender, so we may find its more fun to just ramble the streets of Portland in our own mobile partymobile.

So if you were thinking of using our wedding as an excuse for a mini Portland vacation, my suggestion is: Get here by Saturday so you can get in a little GROOVEBOMBING with us before the big day.