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Thank goodness Holly, my matron of honor, is all crafty and stuff.  She’s going to dive into making “fascinators” for the girls of the wedding to wear (and possibly my bridesman, Wil, if he agrees.)

What’s a fascinator?  Its smaller than a hat but bigger than a headband. Its kinda ’30s, and if you add a little birdcage veil (which she plans to do) it is both elegant and a wee bit naughty.

Here’s some she found for inspiration. I really like this one for the bridesmaids, though I wish it had a veil.


And I like the veil on this one but the little ribbon rosettes are a little fussy, to my taste:


Mine would be more like this:


or this:


only with a big white peony instead of roses and maybe some of those wispy peacock tail feathers that have the iridescent colors but no eye…

I’m kinda hoping we can get out to the wedding site this weekend and see if they have some peacock feathers lying around that we can pick up for raw material (they did last time).