For the people who have been requesting that we post information about where we’re registered, here’s what we’ve arranged:

1. Contribute to Flora’s painting. We have commissioned a painting from artist Flora Bowley for our wedding. Flora will begin the painting at the wedding site during the wedding itself (you’ll get to watch it unfold!) and then complete the painting after the wedding for us to keep as a permanent remembrance of the day. Check out her other work to get a sense of the beauty that you would be contributing to. A painting by Flora costs $900 and will have a place of honor in our home for the rest of our lives. Anything you could contribute toward that cost would be deeply appreciated (and we would commemorate your contribution to the painting by recording it on the back of the finished canvas.

You can contribute to the painting through PayPal. Email to find out how.

2. Contribute a special experience to our Honeymoon. We’re going to Napa Valley for a few days of wine tasting. Designate a gift through PayPal for a specific Napa Valley experience (An afternoon at Breitenbush hot springs on the way? Dinner at French Laundry? Pedicure for Morgan? Tasting flight at Cakebread cellars? You tell us!) and we’ll happily send you a snapshot of the moment you gave us when we return from the trip. To contribute to the honeymoon, use PayPal to send money to and tell us in the email what experience you are gifting.

3. Traditional registry. We are registered at Anthropologie and Macy’s.

Anthropologie: Search the wish lists for to find our list.

Macy’s: Search under Trisha Pancio to find us (you can search Morgan Mead as well, but I guess there’s another Morgan Mead getting married in California who is also registered at Macy’s. Its very confusing.)

Other ideas: We both love to read, so a book that you have especially enjoyed would be a most welcome addition to our library. Also, fun and exotic contributions to the liquor cabinet are always awesome.