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First, I have to tell you that I have officially found my wedding doppelganger. We don’t look anything alike, and she lives in London, but seriously: Peacock themed wedding, peonies from a local peony farm, and now, get this, Cheese Round wedding cake!!
Morgan and I have been joking about the idea of forgoing traditional cake in favor of a series of stacked yummy cheese rounds (because I am completely cheese obsessed, and because there’s something so elegant and pre-fixe about the idea of ending the meal with cheese, wine and fruit rather than sweet crumbly cake). And yes, I was mostly joking about it.

Although, the thought of doing a nice sauvingon blanc reduction to drizzle over a slice of ash streaked Morbier, with some nuts and a few fruit compotes really does sound utterly….delicious….

Still. Just a joke. Right?