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Despite our focus on a “DIY” and very personal wedding aesthetic, there were some amazing people who helped us create this event that we would like to give a post wedding shout out to.

First of all, the GrooveBomb. Andy, you are the BOMB and you made our bachelor party a night to remember. The Groovebomb rents out for parties and events all year (except when its at BurningMan). You should totally check it out for your next landmark birthday blowout.

Next, Owen Carey, who’s beautiful photos are coming soon. I have worked with Owen for almost a decade- he is an extraordinary theatrical and special events photographer. He also does headshots, family portraits and some weddings. If you need a professional photo of you that really looks like you, only better, he’s the guy you want.

Laura Widener (aka PastryGirl), who was the former pastry chef at Higgins and at SouthPark (and who is also an amazing stage manager) made all of the mini cupcakes for the wedding, and she loves creative and unusual flavor combinations. She also does full-on wedding cakes that are extraordinary. I’ve eaten her cakes at at least 6 different weddings and every one has been (almost) too pretty to eat.

Need something tailored and don’t have a friend in Vietnam to give you a helping hand? We really like the service we got at the European Master Tailor. For bespoke suits made here in Portland, we don’t think you can do better than Seyta at Duchess.

And if you are looking for your own fairlyand forest spot to get married, we can’t recommend Horning’s Hideout highly enough. It was beautiful, very reasonable, Bob was GREAT to work with and, as you can see from the pictures, the spot just has tons of great “scope for the imagination.”

Rocks. Oh, the rocks. We got our river rocks for our placecards/favors from these guys, and they were an absolute hoot. They also have a geologist’s wonderland of landscaping rocks, from honest to god thundereggs and petrified wood to all different kinds of slate, shale, etc.

Raspberries came from the “you-pick” place out at Sauvie Island Farms– they were great, just check to see what’s ripe and blooming before you head out there!

Seafood for the Ahi stacks and the butter fish came from the folks at Pacific Seafood Company. Super fresh and really great.

Gales Meadow Farm provided gobs of organic greens and other veggies for the salad, and Rene and Annie are just exactly the kind of local organic farmer folk we felt proud to support.

And the crackers to accompany the cheese “wedding cake” were arranged by Hollyanna’s dad’s partner Robert, who reps for 34 Degrees. I especially love the black pepper ones and the rosemary ones. They paired so well with the Morbier! I don’t think I can ever go back to stupid Carr’s water crackers after my transformative 34 Degrees experience.

Those awesome peacock earrings came from Redux, my favorite accessories place in Portland, right across from the Doug Fir on Burnside.

The wedding rings came from the Titanium Knights (god I love Etsy!)

And last, but by no means least, Flora Bowley, who painted this amazing image of our day:

wedding painting

You can check out some of her other work or contact her about creating a work of art to commemorate your special day at her website.


I could try to describe our night on the groovebomb last night, but I think these pics tell the story quite well (Thanks Holly for bringing your camera!)

Groove Bomb 058

{Michael tries to eat my head outside of C Bar.}

Groove Bomb 060

{I decide to let my inner kitten out to play.}

Groove Bomb 063

{Kira and Chris look adorable.}

Groove Bomb 066

{Morgan and Amanda aka Awesome Cheese Chick.}

Groove Bomb 064

{The party gets started on the groovebomb.}

Groove Bomb 067

{Jaime and me chilling on the Groovebomb}

Groove Bomb 068

{Adrienne and Pedro}

Groove Bomb 072

{Pedro going for a swing on the bus.}

Groove Bomb 075

{Carson looking fly.}

Groove Bomb 077

{Trisha decides to take advantage of a human couch.}

Groove Bomb 080

{The wonder twins share a mind meld moment.}

Groove Bomb 084

{Zoey gets all acrobatic on Morgan.}

Groove Bomb 096

{Holly looking smashing.}

Groove Bomb 099

{Michael gives Morgan a lap dance.}
Groove Bomb 100

{which I, apparently find amusing.}

Groove Bomb 101

{Jaime gets his groove on.}

Groove Bomb 103

{ i just can’t tell if Zoey had a good time…}

Groove Bomb 106

{Whiskey in a jar, eh, Natalie?}

Groove Bomb 110

{Secret shot.}

Groove Bomb 115

{Michael’s going in…}

Groove Bomb 120

{Natalie goes for a swing.}

groovebomb disco ball

For those of you joining us for the Bachelor/Bachelorette party tomorrow, here’s the latest:

Pick ups:

We will have the main pick up at 8 pm at C Bar on 29th and SE Gladstone. Its walking distance from our house, so head to our house, park and amble over to the bar.

We were planning a second pick up at My Thai on Alberta at 11 pm, but so far we have not had anyone confirming that they needed that pick up time. If you need that pick up time and location, let me know ASAP so we can arrange to be there. Otherwise? We might skip it.

A few other reminders: Bring $20 for the driver of the Groovebomb and if you think drinking on the bus sounds fun (and why on earth wouldn’t that be fun!?!), bring a bottle to drink or to share. Feel free to dress your most groovalicious (or you know, Tshirt and jeans, whatevs).

The general route will start at the Acrop, (mmmm $5 steaks) probably head to Le Merde (the bar at Montage), then maybe downtown for a little Mary’s/Silverado action, and probably this cool new place called the Invasion Cafe that has sparkly beaded curtains, black fuzzy pillars and a general late ’60s mod feel of all around awesomeness. Then who knows? Up to the pool room at the Nines? The balcony at Departures? The Alibi? Sassy’s? We’ll take it as it comes.

We’ll circle back around to C Bar at the end, and we recommend people splitting taxis to and from there if you have a ways to drive. You are also welcome to crash your impaired self on our floor/bunk beds if you like.

Questions? Best Man Carson is the Groovemaster for the evening. Give him a ring at 503.847.4160.

front of bus

All aboard, the GrooveBomb is a comin’!

You are hereby and officially cordially invited to join us
on Friday, June 19th
for a mobile GrooveBomb of a Bachelor/Bachelorette party!

The GrooveBomb is a tricked out vintage bus that transforms into a double decker art car when at Burning Man.

For our purposes though, it will be both limousine and party central for our roaming Portland evening of fun and frolic…with YOU.

Never fear though- in the city, it is street safe, playa dust free and chock-a-block full of sparkly silver naugahyde bench seats for your bus riding pleasure.

groovebomb disco ball

Did I mention that this is a full on party bus with sound system and a built in bar? Yep. Yes, sir it is. that’s the built in disco ball up there.

So. Here’s the deal:

We’ll have two pick up spots- one in NE and one in SE.
The SE pickup will be at our house (3930 SE 28th Pl).
The NE pickup spot is TBA, but probably in the Alberta street area.

We’ll have a pick up at 8 pm- ish and a pick up at 11 pm-ish at each location. We’ll have a final drop off around 2 am (or whenever we all get tired). Pick your time to join us, pick your spot, park your car, hide your keys and prepare to have a wild time.

Cost is $20 per partier (which cost goes to the driver for his time and gas, with leftover contributing to a very worthy cause- the Mobile GrooveBomb’s 2009 trip to the Burn). Its a pretty good deal compared to cab costs either way. Bring a bottle to share if you like, some dolla bills for the girlz, and your best karaoke number should the evening that way tend…

Our goal is to roam the wild streets of Portland, mixing it up between bars, strip clubs and karaoke joints. Andy, our GrooveBomb host, has the hookup at some places where we can get cover charges waived, which would be most excellent, to quote a icon of our childhoods.

And if we end up someplace that’s not your cup of tea? Just stay on the bus and keep the party going!

The bus holds 25 ish at a time, so let us know in the comments if you plan to join us and whether you think you’ll join us for the early pick up, the late pick up or both so we can make sure we’ll be able to fit everyone.

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to spend (one of) our last nights as single people on the GrooveBomb with you!


This is a picture of our favorite art car, the Groovebomb, out on the playa, and it happens to make its home right here in Portland. Know what’s even more amazing?

You can rent it. And have them drive you around Portland for the night.

So Morg and I are going to make it party central for a combined Bachelor/ette party, probably the Saturday a week before the wedding (we’ll need time to recover afterward).

We’re going to divide it into two camps- Guys and Girls- and we’ll make periodic stops at some of our favorite watering holes (though the bomb comes with a doorman and a bartender, so we may find its more fun to just ramble the streets of Portland in our own mobile partymobile.

So if you were thinking of using our wedding as an excuse for a mini Portland vacation, my suggestion is: Get here by Saturday so you can get in a little GROOVEBOMBING with us before the big day.