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marraige certificate

So as of the moment we’ve got rings, a license and an officiant. What else do you really need to get married, right?

Meanwhile, Tapwater (the band) is confirmed (at last!) and they’re going to learn “True Colors” for us (yay for Cyndi Lauper with steel drums!)

The roomates almost have me convinced that it’s not actually necessary to scrub the last little bits of black crud out of every cranny of the cupcake tower.

Natalie’s gonna help me with the favors (yay for crafty friends!)

and Holly and I are going out to Sephora later this week to sort out a plan for makeup that I can actually a. afford and b. accomplish.

Now if a keg of beer would magically appear, my day would be fairly well complete…



Isn’t this cool? They used painted river rocks as place cards, which makes perfect sense for an outdoor wedding (the napkins do like to go flying….

And the creek has a LOT of river rocks….