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Flora Bowley, the amazing artist who  created this painting to commemorate our wedding has just announced that she’s got a whole line of gift papers, journals, notecards, etc coming out based on her paintings.

I’m guessing that her notecards and gift papers would make fantastic bridesmaid gifts, or inspirational starting points for invitations, wedding themes, etc.

Here’s the painting she created for our special day:

and here is one of the recent pieces she created while in Bali:

are some samples of her other work:

Check out all the details about her new venture in paper goods here.


So on a whim I logged on to the blog today to take a look (we are coming up on our one year anniversary and so I am starting to plan fun wedding remembrance anniversary present projects).

And I was shocked and delighted to discover that we are still getting about 250 hits a day on the site. Wow. Welcome.

I remember what it was like when I would spend  hours surfing wedding blogs looking for ideas and inspiration. I hope that you’ve found some of our ideas helpful.

Please feel free to comment with any questions you have- we had so much fun planning our special day and we would be delighted to help others facing similar big, wonderful decisions.

Happy surfing, and have a wonderful wedding!

A friend of mine has been thinking autumn wedding thoughts… although it is to soon to be making definite plans, she inspired me to take a look at what’s out there and start throwing ideas her way.

And what’s out there is perfectly LOVELY. We’ll start with food.

Caramel apples on leaves on wooden trays… they’re centerpiece, favor and snack rolled into one.

Mashed sweet potatoes always make me think of fall… But add ribs and you’ve got a surprisingly elegant comfort food oriented meal.

We did family style for our wedding, and there are so many beautiful ways to present food that way. How about whole roasted cornish game hens?

appetizers of tomato soup with grilled cheese triangles?

oooh. Or make it butternut squash soup and have the triangles be garlic naan to make for a multicultural splash.

Fall vegetable crudite shooters could be fun…

And, of course, a little spiked cider:

Love the silver cider mugs. Are those little cinnamon cookies?

Autumn is a time of canning and pickling. Are there fun things to do with pickled vegetables?

Check out the cool table cards tied to the chairs with orange ribbon…and the beautiful family style serving of the vegetables…

mmmm… porkloin. So easy, so flavorful and versatile, and so pretty to display family style!

A couple quick updates to this weekend’s schedule:

Friday: Our Sauvie trip has been moved from 1 pm to 5 pm for better flower picking conditions. Call me 503.413.9825 for details if you wanna join us.

9 pm Friday: We’re going to collect people at C Bar to celebrate Morgan’s birthday in a low key way. Come join us for a drink if you like!

Saturday. Disc Golf. Horning’s hideout. Starting 2 ish? Come throw silly discs into a silly goal thingy. Call Sat morning to secure an exact time ish.

Sunday: Wedding Party- if you can be on site by 3 pm that would be great. We’ve got some pre-wedding pics to take with you.

Everyone- a reminder that camping is available Sunday night so there’s no need to drive home if you’re wrecked!

Oh dear. Checking out rental sites now.

peacock toes

Melissa just sent me a pick of her new peacock pedicure (inspired by the wedding). So much awesome, i can’t even begin to explain.

Morgan showed up at work this afternoon and said that he had stopped by Macy’s to complete our long overdue registry there.

I was instantly wary. He registered WITHOUT me?!?! Of all the selfish, no good….

But he was excited so he asked me to go to the website to see what he had done. And as we scrolled down the list, item by item, he pointed out each element of the things he had chosen and what specificically, he thought I would like about each item. And he was absolutely right about ALL of it. Beautiful, practical, elegant, fun, all mixed together.

Its wonderful to be with someone who really pays attention and thinks about what I might like.

I only hope that I can do the same for him!

Our dresses and suits came yesterday!! And they brought Kira and Chris with them !!! Yay! More on that in a bit.

Meanwhile, if you are still looking for something pretty and summery to wear to the wedding yourself, and you would feel better about supporting someone local while you do it, I just found out that the local boutique Mabel and Zora are having a sale at the Alberta Art Hop this Saturday.

So you could get a dress like this:

mabel and zora dress (which, incidentally, would coordinate beautifully with the orange thai silk ties the gentlemen of the wedding are wearing…)

And save 15%.

Neat eh?

Here’s the blurb from them:

This Saturday is the 10th Annual Art Hop on Alberta St!

Mabel and Zora will be offering
15% off all dresses
at the Alberta Store
in celebration of Art Hop!!!

Come enjoy all the festivities including over 150 artists, craftspeople, music, dance and theater performances, interactive art events along with food and other vendors. This year’s featured artist is Thelma Johnson Streat. Up to 50 of her works will be displayed throughout the area!
And there’s a parade at 3:00pm!!!

Christina, Morgan’s Stepmom, took up the challenge of collecting cool salad plates and blue and green glassware for the wedding.

She sent some pics of her progress so far. Check it out:


Aren’t they gorgeous and antiquey and eclectic? Fairy garden party here we come…. Here’s plates:


Morgan and I got a little collecting done of our own recently. We had decided to escape for a weekend to Bend to clear our heads and get some good work done on that all important, often overlooked portion of the wedding: the ceremony.

The drive was beautiful, curving around the small forested towns at the base of mount Hood and then breaking out suddenly into a long looping drive through sage and juniper scrub. We lost the radio pretty quickly, and instead spent the three hours enjoy the sudden dry heat after a long and dripping winter. As we pulled through beautiful downtown Madras Oregon, we spotted this:


So we HAD to stop. I am, after all, the possibility of joy and abundance, and Morgan? He’s the possibility of Love. So, imagine what possibilities we might discover inside the Possibilities thrift store?

Here’s some of the spoils we found:


I just loved these blue and green coffee mugs with the onion domed sugar bowl, and we were able to also pick up a whole bunch of bread baskets for the tables.

Maybe we’ll weave ribbon through them? Or spray a peacock feather applique down the side…fun stuff to think about.

We had an amazing time in Bend. Isn’t it funny how just one night away from home can have all the restorative properties of a week away (if you do it up right?)

When we got to town it was happy hour and we were both peckish so we popped over to the Bend Distillery tasting room and the woman behind the bar was decked out in peacock colored fedora, corset, feather earrings… well. This seemed like a sign from the gods to us.

Morgan asked about the absinthe cocktail on the menu (because he has been doing some work for Integrity spirits repping their absinthe) and our bartender said she couldn’t know if it was any good- she hadn’t been able to drink absinthe since Burning Man! Turns out she was in the Absinthe bar camp that we hung out at several nights in a row- and, she had been to our camp to get her picture taken! In a split second the world shrunk down to a size you could comfortably stir on a swizzle stick.

We sat at the bar and swapped crazy art in the desert stories with her for a few hours until it was time to go home and change for dinner. Her playa name was GO, and she happened to be headed up to Portland the next day for a Thievery Corporation show (a band we LOVE) that neither of us realized was happening. We ended up trying to get tix, but alas, it was sold out.

Dinner was at Blacksmith, a steak house with a little bit of an upscale Texas vibe and a penchant for fiery tableside service (we had the tableside Bacon Spinach salad but skipped the Bananas Foster- we were just tooo full). Our waitress recommended their version of a cheesesteak, which came on a potato truffle puree (YUM) and had Rogue Creamery Red Hawk triple creme cheese melted over the top.

Indescribably delicious.

Over dinner we enjoyed a bottle of Walla Walla red wine that Holly had gifted to us for the trip and talked about how to incorporate all the people we love into the ceremony without putting them on the spot. Some good ideas developed we think. One of which will involve a 1984 era boom box, if we can find one. Heh heh heh.

The drive home the next day was mellow, lovely and quiet. When the forest sprang back up as we rounded the mountain it was a shock at first (all these giant trees! All this water! All those flowers! It just seemed so…extravagant.) then incredibly beautiful. The abundance we live in here in Portland is so easy to take for granted when you are surrounded by it all the time. A little desert scrub and brown horizon line helps to put things into perspective.

And the dish hunt continues! Maybe there are more possibilities in our future…?