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Morgan took a bunch of these while he was out there recently. Thought you might get a kick out of seeing them. My gosh its easy to forget how beautiful they really are. And then you see them in the flesh and you get struck once more- how did the universe manage to make such a perfect marriage of elegance and pure nature? Of briliant showiness and perfect camouflage?


Anyway, enjoy.


This one’s an albino peacock butt. Only one shade paler than my butt would be if you could see it. (aren’t you glad you can’t?)


Here he is from the front. You can’t actually see him so well…he’s so white he basicly burns out the lens from the camera phone.


Here’s a cute little woodpile peacock. You think he’s headed to do the chores? Nah. I think he’s headed to have a vodka gimlet.


This one is a hitchhiking peacock, on the road again, just trying to get here by June cause he hears there’s gonna be a great party.

Speaking of, how do you plan to get here? And where do you plan to stay? There’s camping and RV hook ups at Horning’s hideout itself, and we encourage you to come hang out with us for the whole weekend. Camping’s $4 per night per person. Pretty good deal.

If you can come out at least for Saturday night, we’d love it. We’re gonna have a great big pre-wedding party Saturday night. Should be a blast.

If you are the sort that prefers things like temperature control and showers (but an RV is not your style) then we’ve got some rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn nearby and Morgan gets a great Friends and Family discount at any Marriott hotel (cause he works for Marriott). So let us know what you are thinking of doing, accomodation wise, and we’ll get you all sorted out.