A friend of mine has been thinking autumn wedding thoughts… although it is to soon to be making definite plans, she inspired me to take a look at what’s out there and start throwing ideas her way.

And what’s out there is perfectly LOVELY. We’ll start with food.

Caramel apples on leaves on wooden trays… they’re centerpiece, favor and snack rolled into one.

Mashed sweet potatoes always make me think of fall… But add ribs and you’ve got a surprisingly elegant comfort food oriented meal.

We did family style for our wedding, and there are so many beautiful ways to present food that way. How about whole roasted cornish game hens?

appetizers of tomato soup with grilled cheese triangles?

oooh. Or make it butternut squash soup and have the triangles be garlic naan to make for a multicultural splash.

Fall vegetable crudite shooters could be fun…

And, of course, a little spiked cider:

Love the silver cider mugs. Are those little cinnamon cookies?

Autumn is a time of canning and pickling. Are there fun things to do with pickled vegetables?

Check out the cool table cards tied to the chairs with orange ribbon…and the beautiful family style serving of the vegetables…

mmmm… porkloin. So easy, so flavorful and versatile, and so pretty to display family style!